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Mission Statement

Primary Care Clinic of North Texas is a unique facility in our area. The mission of our non-profit organization is to provide affordable healthcare to the medically uninsured. Rising medical care costs has widened the gap between 'haves' and 'have-nots' in health care. Among life's basic necessities, access to health care remains a low priority for all levels of government.

The high cost of medical care deters patients from seeking proper healthcare. This results in delayed diagnosis and increased complications causing unwanted suffering and cost to the patient. Society ultimately bears the cost of care and the loss of productivity. It is our hope that the availability of low cost primary care will enable people to seek medical care promptly.


Primary Care Clinic is often the only source of healthcare for the unemployed, partly employed, students, recent immigrants, foreign visitors, and those on Social Security Disability prior to Medicare eligibility. The clinic is open to any uninsured person above the age of 12 without regard to income, assets or county of residence.

More than a quarter of working Texans, 2.5 million people, have no health insurance. The only time many of these individuals see a doctor is when an illness is severe enough to send them to the emergency room. We have had occasions were we have sent patients directly from our clinic to the Emergency Room. Our initial intake indicated that their illness was above the capability of the clinic. Our clinic helps in keeping patients out of Emergency Rooms and thus keeping it less crowded.

Primary Care Clinic provides medical consultations along with the necessary blood tests. We are able to arrange for low cost X-ray, CT and MRI imaging. The consultations are comprehensive and often involve counseling about diet, weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, etc. There is a $35.00 fee for an office visit. Routine blood tests are between $6.00 and $12.00 each. X-ray and other imaging services are available through local facilities costing as low as $40.00. Prescription drugs are made available at a heavy discount through local pharmacies. However, recent generic prescriptions available for $4.00 per month at various pharmacies are used almost exclusively.



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by RANDALL S. (2010-07-22 13:55:40.0)
Terrible service, and doesn't cater to "certain" people.
by luis g. (2010-03-08 16:42:15.0)
the reason why i would recomend this program it would be because it gives the opertunitie to teens like me to explore an help the comunity in any way they can even if it is doing something small. (thank you for reading this ) :)