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Mission Statement

Teaching kids responsibility in school, in work and in life.


Longview School is a K-12 non-profit, NY state recognized private school located right on Main Street in Brewster, NY. Because of our small size--30 to 40 total students--we are able to customize our program based upon each family’s educational needs.

Educational Tracks: Longview offers two educational tracks. Each family can choose the track which best
fits its educational approach.

Academic: Students take classes in the academic areas of the standard NY State curriculum. The classes are small and these are taught in ways that bring the curriculum to life. There is a focus on making education relevant to each and every student's life.

Students have the most ability to choose their own educational paths.
Students can take as few or as many classes as they so choose.

Teaching Independence and Responsibility: We believe what children learn outside of class is just as important as the academic
curriculum. Longview uses four main components to support development from childhood to adulthood.

Democracy: Longview is a true, not mock, democracy. All decisions governing the operation of the school (other than those involving safety or the curriculum) are made by our School Meeting, a democratic body in
which each student and each staff gets one vote. By participating in School
Meeting, students learn Social Studies through real life experience, rather
than just from books.

Justice: Longview has a student-run judicial system. With the guidance of a teacher, students work out conflicts using a process modeled upon the American court system. Students learn to apply moral reasoning as they develop a solid sense of right and wrong, and learn how to solve
problems that challenge the smooth functioning of a school community.

Clerkships: Students share in the work of running the school. They learn real-life skills by helping to pay the bills, balance the bank account, keep attendance, give tours, make minor repairs, buy supplies, etc. Clerkships teach the skills children will need to live as independent adults.

Internships: For older students, Longview offers the opportunity to explore the real world of work. Students do unpaid internships for local businesses in return for getting
first-hand experience in jobs in which they are interested. This helps students make career choices based upon first-hand experience.


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