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Mission Statement

Devoted to using the Internet to promote positive well-being, the deepening of interpersonal relationships, and the empowerment of our family, friends, and co-workers. We strive to help in the prevention and solution of problems in our various communities: home, office, and neighborhood. Our endeavor is guided by three principles. 1. People helping others best by sharing knowledge with them 2. While people seek opportunities to communicate caring and support to members of their various communities, they are often hindered by fear of offending the other person or by lacking relevant knowledge 3. People are most likely to read and act on clear, concise, and authoritative information Our goal is to become the premier information e-card by: 1. Promoting the healthy exchange of expert information 2. Establishing a co-branded HelpGram Newsletter with corporate partners. 3. Providing a reliable and valid guide to help-care information on the Internet 4. Helping support effective non-profit organizations 5. Creating a lasting brand - HelpGram - that conveys a feeling of respect and genuine caring. 6. Publishing a series of HelpGram mini-books 7. Expanding into international markets (Spanish version due out by the end of the year)


HelpGram.com is the premier source for caring e-cards with helpful information, offering hundreds of helpgrams on a range of topics. Written by experts in their fields, helpgrams are designed to facilitate the communication of helpful information between experts and you and between you and your family, friends, and co-workers. The communication of this helpful information is intended to function as a prevention tool for many of life's problems and can be used to express a sense of caring between you and the recipient. By alerting people to the resources at their disposal for dealing with many of life's problems, helpgrams assist in promoting positive well-being and caring on the web.



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