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Mission Statement

The SCTNow mission involves a multi-phase plan to deploy hundreds of teams throughout the world. PHASE I Phase I is by far the most time consuming and difficult and includes five fundamental areas of development: Identify the right individuals and build the right teams to conduct operative missions. Implement sound practices requiring innovative new strategies that lead to the arrest and prosecution of predators. Establish relationships with government departments and agencies essential to ensure the prosecution of child predators. Operative teams have many years of military service in roles where these relationships already exist. Effective practices have proven that evidence documentation is critical, and therefore the need to purchase equipment to document evidence is vital. Most importantly, initial and long-term fundraising is critical to underwrite the placement of special operative teams in the field for as long as it takes to build cases against predators and make a major impact in the battle to stop child trafficking now. PHASE II Once Phase I is operational, Phase II begins. Investigations will involve special operative teams assigned to designated areas. Deployments require full-time operatives rather than short-term, part-time operative efforts. This is crucial in that it ensures continuity in investigations as teams work to develop "open and shut cases" against suspected predators. PHASE III Once Phase II is developed, Phase III deploys larger numbers of sustainable operations in multiple geographic regions of the world. This level of reach and impact works to dramatically reduce and ultimately eliminate child sexual slavery worldwide. SCTNow is fully committed to funding this goal in our lifetime.


Stop Child Trafficking Now is dedicated to putting child predators behind bars. If we get rid of the demand (predators) there won't be any need for supply (children). SCTNow works with special operative teams who research, investigate and arrest child sex predators. The operative teams also work with the FBI to ensure all laws are followed so they can convict the sex predator. Child trafficking is a HUGE problem here in the United States!!!! It is only second to Drug Trafficking! One predator can make $200,000 in one year by selling one child to a sex predator. A sex predator in there life time can abuse 300-400 children!! Please help us stop this crime, here in our own backyards, by walking with us on Sept. 27th 2009. If you would like some more information please visit www.sctnow.org



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