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Wells Bring Hope

Cause Area

  • Children & Youth
  • Education & Literacy
  • International
  • Women


16563 Park Lane CircleLos Angeles, CA 90049 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

Wells Bring Hope is a non-profit committed to drilling wells to bring safe water and sanitation to rural villages in Niger, West Africa, the poorest country in the world. Our Mission: Saving lives with safe water.


Wells Bring Hope is a non-profit committed to drilling wells to bring safe water to rural villages in Niger, West Africa. Niger is a place where contaminated water kills innocent victims, most often infants and young children.

One out of seven children will die before the age of 5
40% have trachoma, which leads to blindness when untreated
85% of women cannot read or write

There is more to this sad story. The burden of getting water falls upon women and girls, who walk 4-6 back-breaking miles every day of their lives to find water. The result? Girls don't go to school--they must help their mothers with this difficult task. Women have no time to work to earn money to improve their quality of life.

When a well is drilled, 250-300 ft. into the ground, lives are transformed instantly. They have hope for their future.

Water-borne diseases are virtually eliminated
Child mortality drops by 70+%.
Education becomes a reality for girls.
Women are given micro-financing tools and education, which enables them to start small businesses and help provide for their families.

Founded in March 2008, Wells Bring Hope is an all volunteer, grass-roots organization. To see how many wells we've drilled and how many lives we've transformed, go to www.wellsbringhope.org/

While we have specific opportunities listed here, we are flexible and open to new ideas.


Would you recommend Wells Bring Hope?
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by Rk K. from ZA (September 29, 2021)
This organisation helped me understand how to help individuals in communities that are impoverished.
by laurie a. (June 10, 2013)
I learned about WBH a few years ago. I was heart broken hearing the stories about the extreme hardship in Niger,the poorest country in the world. As is true in much of the developing world, women seem to pay the biggest price. In response, my family decided to fund a well a year. My 12 year old son also decided to start his own water circle. I have seen many nonprofits over the years where you send in your $$ and there is no accountability for how it is spent. WBH, on the other hand, is 100% about transparency. You send money, fund a well/portion of a well and you know how it is spent, building a well! Nothing you donate is taken for salaries or administrative overhead, there is another grant for that. Also compelling, World Vision matches every $ of your donation to install the well,provide bathroom facilities for the village, provide education to the villagers. A great cause,a dynamic executive director in Barbara Goldberg who has truly devoted herself to saving lives in Niger.
by Basmah R. (June 6, 2013)
I am so pleased to have stumbled across Wells Bring Hope. What drew me into the organization was its mission to help communities in Niger through drilling wells, and giving the gift of water. It is rare to find an organization where 100% of donations go to drilling wells. I decided last year to volunteer with them and I plan to, for many years to come. The volunteers at WBH are genuinely concerned for the cause and share my passion for help. It is so great to volunteer with such like-minded people and see how much each person cares for the project. Through my work with WBH I feel as though I contribute something of value to the organization as well as the cause.
by David M. from Burbank, CA (June 5, 2013)
I stumbled across WBH through a VolunteerMatch search, and was instantly blown away by its cause, its message, and its approach. The cause is crucial and underserved. Providing safe water and sanitation practices to the poorest countries in the world is absolutely fundamental, and has the greatest ability to improve quality of life. Goodbye deadly water-borne diseases! And girls can finally go to school, instead of spending their days fetching water! WBH has an entire program built around each well. WBH and its partner, World Vision, provide the means and education to repair the wells, improve sanitation practices, and more. Moreover, it is very clear that not only does WBH wish to change lives, but to do so responsibly. WBH utilizes the best practices and best partners, ensuring that donation money accomplishes exactly what it is meant to, and that wells stay functional for many years to come.
by Sharon C. (August 10, 2010)
I have been helping out since March 2010 and consider it a great pleasure working with Barbara Goldberg, the founder of WBH, Gil Garcetti who has devoted endless hours to this cause, and the other women who are responsible for drilling 34 wells in about a 2 years time in West Africa. These wells enable the girls to attend school and receive an education because they do not have to walk with their mothers for hours a day collecting water. The existence of these wells, also enable the women of the village to pursue other endeavors and interests like obtaining micro loans to start businesses.
by margot w. (August 10, 2010)
Wells Bring Hope helps transform villages in West Africa (allowing children to go to school and women to start small businesses) by the remarkable and comparatively small effort of digging wells and bringing fresh water to communities.
by Evan S. (August 10, 2010)
I have been working with Wells Bring Hope for a few months now after finding them on this website. I feel lucky that I found them because they are a non-profit that is truly committed to thier cause. Their members are great to work with, their cause is noble and their fundraising events can't be beat. Most of all I feel that volunteering for Wells Bring Hope is really making a difference in thousands of lives.
by Haddy C. (August 10, 2010)
I am originally from The Gambia, West Africa. I have seen girls unable to pursuit their education due to economic reason. Basic amenities that can easily be taken for granted in cetain parts of the world are not easily acessible in certain regions of Africa. Something as basic as clean drinking water can be the determing fator as to whether a girl atends primary school or not. Wells Bring Hope provides hope to girls in rural areas of Niger. With easy and ready access to clean drinking water, girls can spend their mornings in a classroom, instead of walking for miles at a time trying to fetch water for their families. Water that does not meet basic sanitary levels!
by Armine G. from CA (August 10, 2010)
What is more important then saving lives and helping children and women in need of help. Wells Bring Hope is an amazing organization that helps out children and women suffering in Niger, West Africa. So far they have raised oney for 34 wells and the last ones are being drilled now. I feel honored to be a part of this organization and when you start helping out, you will be too!
by Aimy C. (August 9, 2010)
I worked for Wells Bring Hope during my spring semester of my second year of college. I worked in a group to raise money for the organization, and it was great. Barbara, the head of the organization, is wonderful to work with. She is very flexible and charming and sweet. You will feel blessed to work with this organization. Being able to help people gain access to clean, and healthy water to drink and bathe in is a great feeling. Also, it's a great feeling to know you are helping the woman of the village as much as the children. =) I highly recommend volunteering for this organization =)
by Lauren G. (August 9, 2010)
Wells Bring Hope is doing amazing work in helping people in West Africa. When I think of all the charities out there, there is nothing more meaningful than to give people the most basic need of life?safe water. The women who are part of it are dedicated and I?ve learned a lot from them. It?s a terrific group to be a part of.

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