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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ordo Dei Imperceptus is manifold:

To provide access to services and training not normally provided due to lack of funding; such as security services and counseling.

To provide temporary help with food, rent, utilities, and other expenses.

To inspire people to become more than what they thought they could be by providing an outlet for volunteer services. By showing people that the ordinary person can make a difference we hope to battle the apathy that currently grips our communities and our country.

We will no longer accept "mind your own business" as a substitute for "I am my brothers keeper".

We will no longer accept that it is someone else's responsibility to fix our societal problems.

We will no longer accept imposed helplessness as an acceptable way of life.


This organization was formed with a number of simple ideas in mind.

1) That all people, regardless of social, economic, or religious backgrounds, could band together to accomplish common goals.

2) That more government or police, on any level, is not the answer to any of the issues that we face today as a society.

3) That many of the issues we face today: domestic abuses, crime, homelessness, are solvable problems if we work together.

4) That working together to solve these issues is in the best interest of our society as a whole.

5) Religion, even different religions that share similar morals, should act as a glue that binds us together.

In our day and age we face a number of societal issues all of which are solvable, but have yet to be solved. This simple observation begs the question: What happened?

As a society did we fall asleep? Have we forgotten what it means to be human, to strive everyday to be better people or to make our communities better places? You have the ability to affect your community in a positive manner if you have the courage to do so.

We are a one of a kind volunteer organization that provides no-cost protective services to victims of domestic violence. This is, perhaps, the most dangerous volunteer position available in the US.

Why would we start an organization where the volunteers are in danger, and why should you volunteer for such an organization? The answer is simple: because it needs to be done, and because there comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to decide to stand for something or spend their life running away from everything.



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