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Mission Statement

Seeing a huge gap in employment services for the poor, in April, 2009, after several years of preparation, New Hope Enterprises was founded as a 501c3 non-profit corporation to create employment opportunities through job-training programs, job placement services, and the operation of social enterprises to provide real chances, even second chances, for those we serve.

New Hope Enterprises mission is to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged individuals and families of Greater Atlanta through education, job training, job placement, and ongoing support services which illuminates pathways out of poverty to real employment.


Client programs providing life skills development and job readiness skills coupled with certified vocational job-training programs result in successful employment outcomes. To maximize job placement opportunities, New Hope will create its own social enterprises in conjunction with some of the specific job training programs. New Hope's dedicated job placement specialists will focus their efforts to directly place those we serve, either within related social ventures or the traditional job market.



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by beverly h. (2012-09-20 13:21:16.0)
This program is the most horrible one i have attended.After attending for a couple of days it is not worth the money that is placed it it. They treat you like crap.Talk to you like you are out of a garbage can. The little fat Mexican man acts as if he reformed himself from being in a gang and have found a better way to live. What shocked me he has family members working in the office as well.The Black man assisting him looks like he has gone through the 12 step program and still high. The lady Tracy looks like she had a "hit " before she came to work.Most of us are already down on our luck trying to get it back together and they come and abuse us so bad.I am so glad I have recorded each session we have had. This I will send to whoever I need to send it to so they can see where the Donated Money is going. I made mistakes in my live but I don't deserved to be dogged like this . I only wanted to better my life.DO NOT ATTEND THIS PROGRAM.......Most people are afraid to speak out.