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Mission Statement

Celebrate Life International, Inc. is dedicated to transforming at-risk kids into responsible citizens by building in them character based on practical leadership skills and universal principles.


CLI delivers programs, materials, and personnel that equip young people to build lives of integrity, create positive relationships, stand strong in healthy habits, & multiply their influence among their peers.



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Average Review 6 reviews

Would you recommend Celebrate Life International?

by jo h. (2010-03-03 13:08:36.0)
I am a mentor in the classroom and I love it!!!I love seeing the kiids change throughout the semester and the program itself helps me also with my own children and grandchildren
by Heidi M. (2010-02-24 12:39:28.0)
Teach One to Lead One gives you an opportunity to really help a teenager get their lives back on track through teaching them about Universal Principles. These principles will guide and protect them throughout their lives. We get to build relationships with these kids and let them know we really care about who they are. I know this program can truly change them from the inside out. It's awesome to see them start to change from the beginning of the program until the end.
by Sabrina D. (2010-02-24 12:17:58.0)
In today's society kids seems to justify wrong behavior not understanding the consequences down the road. Celebrate Life Int. helps equip these kids with universal principles that can help them to understand their choices and what is the right choice. It's done in a FUN atmosphere that the kids love. It has been rewarding to me to see kids change their behaviors by dropping out of gangs, quitting smoking, and treating each other with respect to name a few. The program works!!!!!
by Patrick W. (2010-02-24 09:50:35.0)
Many of us want to make a difference, but we dont always know how. T1T1 provides an effective method of impacting young adults. My wife and I have been mentors for 3 semesters and we both can see the positive impact being made. I wish I had this program growing up.
by Wesley P. from Woodstock, GA (Administrator for this Organization) (2010-02-19 13:42:56.0)
You build an amazing relationship with the kids through activities, story telling, exercises, small & large group discussions, and more! I have a load of fun doing this! The kids learn a lot and so do the mentors! This is an amazing experience for the mentors as well! The mentors are incredible people with a passion for teens!