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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower you to fight climate change. Maybe you’re here because you're frustrated with politicians and corporations for not taking action on climate change. Maybe you’re here because you're worried about the future we are leaving for future generations. Maybe you just want to look in the mirror, and feel that special pride for having done your part. You've come here looking for answers. You've come to the right place. We believe that every voice counts. Everyone can make a difference and together our small changes will have a huge impact in the fight against climate change. Today our site together with our blog (The Eco Guide) receives more than 50000 readers per month and that's growing fast. We’ve grown by providing people the information they need to stop global warming and save the Earth. And we've done it all: without aggressive requests for donations, without corporate sponsors and without any advertisements.


Our intention was to do something to help protect the environment.

To do our part.

We started by talking about our experiences trying to be more eco-friendly.

We all made mistakes while trying things, so talking about what worked and what didn't was important.

It took tons of trial and error but the more we talked, the more we saw that together we could make a difference.

Slowly, we created a fun and interactive community where people could ask questions and share their ideas. A community full of like minded people who want to save the world.

Our goal was to spark the motivation in people to take these tips out into the real world. Together we would be the proof that small changes can have huge impacts.

Out of these ideas of raising awareness and collective action, What's Your Impact was born.

What's Your Impact is a registered non-profit organization that is based in Montreal, Canada. Our efforts are concentrated on creating awareness about climate change and how everyone can help fight it.

Since June 2007, What's Your Impact has been teaching people how they can fight climate change with simple everyday actions. Concrete and direct actions that you can take with your own two hands. Not by signing petitions or making donations and hoping for the best.

All efforts were supported 100% by our volunteers who would squeeze in time after work, on weekends or whenever else they could.

Sign up now and join us in taking action against climate change today.


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by Johanna N. (2015-05-25 11:25:53.0)
This is a great organization with a great mission. They are well organized and respond quickly to inquiries. I highly recommend volunteering here!
by LU V. from cypress, CA (2010-08-30 15:03:30.0)
I helped translated some English-Chinese pages. it was a great experience and I knew more about the climate change.