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Mission Statement

Fix Our Ferals (FOF) is a community-based, non-profit organization that promotes trap-neuter-return (TNR) to humanely reduce outdoor cat populations in the San Francisco East Bay. We help improve neighborhoods for both cats and people by:

  • Providing affordable sterilizations and vaccinations, as well as free trap loans with a security deposit, information and advice for implementing trap-neuter-return (TNR) in East Bay neighborhoods
  • Educating community members, leaders, and decision-makers about TNR as the only humane and effective long-term solution to neighborhood cat issues
  • Reducing unnecessary killing of cats in shelters by advocating TNR as the superior method of population control

We offer affordable spay/neuter and vaccinations for all cats: feral, stray, and pets.


Since our founding in 1998, Fix Our Ferals (FOF) has helped to open the minds and hearts of East Bay residents to the plight of feral cats, while providing the tools to help these cats live healthy happy lives.

In July 2012, we expanded our services by opening our own FOF Spay/Neuter Center, dedicated to curbing cat overpopulation in East Bay communities. We offer affordable spay/neuter and vaccinations for all cats: feral, stray, and pets.



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Would you recommend Fix Our Ferals?

by Karen B. (2010-07-23 18:09:17.0)
I have volunteered with Fix Our Ferals (FOF) as a phonescreener for a few years, and it continues to be a great experience. FOF helps caretakers of feral cats get the information and resources they need for spay/neuter and other concerns. I am still learning more about feral cat and related community and neighborhood issues. It is very satisfying to be able to help the callers to the FOF hotline. Fix Our Ferals is an amazing organization and extremely valuable to the cats and the people who care about them.
by Erica A. (2010-07-23 13:43:24.0)
Very well organised for such a big effort, the cats are well cared for and treated with the appropriate respect. Would definitely recommend this experience for anyone who wants to gain some hands-on animal experience.
by Judy C. (Administrator for this Organization) (2010-07-23 12:12:57.0)
Fix Our Ferals is unique in that in helps local people do the right thing for the cats in their neighborhood, and at their workplace. I feel very good about being a phone screener, as I can take calls directly off the hotline and respond to the caller with solid information, resources, and occasionally hands-on help. The volunteers and leadership in this organization are fantastic- always helpful, friendly, and open to new perspectives. If you sincerely care about humane treatment of cats, and want to join with people from all walks of life to accomplish that goal, this is the place to volunteer!