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Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for our youth to expand their creativity of the arts and develop leadership skills while attaining higher educational achievement.


The Children's Unlimited Talent (CUT) Studios Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for the youth to expand their creativity in the arts while developing their leadership skills and attaining higher scholastic achievement. The CUT is a multimedia center and music-recording studio where students will be actively engaged in learning, creating, and recording music. Membership and studio recording time will be award to students based on GPA and proper behavior.

Music and arts programs are diminishing in our educational system due to major budget cuts. During these critical times, The CUT Studios Foundation expects to generate excitement and unprecedented student involvement by offering popular music ensembles and singer/songwriter classes that will allow students to create, perform, and record their work. Our target market will be the population of over 17.5 million students who are currently enrolled in high schools nationwide. With the statistics of over 94 percent of record sales around the world are popular music, while only 3.5 percent are in classical music, and 1.5 percent in jazz. Thus, it is obvious that the majority of American teens favors and identifies with popular music above all other genres, which begs the question: If there is such a strong demand and interest for popular music, then why has popular music education not incorporate among our current music education programs? Perhaps one of the most underlying obstacles is that in general, most music educators have not been teaches how to make popular music. In addition, the education budget cutbacks have compromised the expansion of music programs. If we are able to successfully bridge the gap between popular music and education, we will see more participation in school music activities, a greater understanding of a wide variety of music, and students will learn how to create music through improvisation and creative expression. We can help cultivate our future generation through the real-life music making experiences similar to professional musicians.

The solution is the CUT, an independent multimedia center and music recording studio that will collaborate with schools to provide students the resources and tools to learn and create popular music. Our facility will include the following equipment and services.

1. Music Learning Pods
• Keyboards
• DJ Equipment
• Interface / Software
• Virtual Multimedia Library

2. Recording Studio
• Writer's Lounge

• Rehearsal Studio

• Live Instrument / Vocal Room
• Control Room

We foresee that the CUT will be implement on a national level and will receive widespread support from successful Recording Artists and Producers who understand the power and influence of music. Every school district will have a CUT facility to assist the students who are eager to learn and create popular music.



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