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Mission Statement

EVO's mission is to build social, racial and economic bridges to connect communities, organizations and people for the enhancement and transformation of all in the East End of Pittsburgh, PA to include Bloomfield, Garfield, Friendship, East Liberty and Lawrenceville. According to the UPMC 2000 census, there are over 2500 children in the targeted areas living below the poverty level.


. EVO offers the following programs for "at-risk youth":
• An After-School Program - academically served more than 30 children throughout the '08-'09 year
• A Summer Day Camp - (80+ children) academic in the morning; recreational in the afternoon for 6 weeks, 8 hours daily
• The Visual and Performing Arts Initiative (serves 30-40 per year) is a new program that was begun in January 2008. The program teaches 4th - high school youth (10-12 total) dance step while reinforcing character building and positive decision making. Bi-monthly performances are scheduled throughout the Pittsburgh area.
• High School Tutoring - approved provider for the SES No Child Left Behind Initiative.
• Weekly Kidz Camp (K-5th grade 25-30 children) meets every Friday afternoon while teaching Biblical values and conflict resolution skills. The evening ends with a nutritious meal.
• A high school boys' basketball team (12 youth) that teaches youth development, teamwork and basketball skills. The young urban men develop social skills and the ability to work for a common goal.
• A Middle School East-End Basketball League (75 youth per year) has been organized through EVO during the months of Feb. - April. There will be a minimum of 6 teams participating.
• The ELM Program (serves 5-10 youth per year) Employment is offered to the youth, Learning is a requirement and Mentoring follows.
• Friendship House -(5 per year) our home is located within the community. It offers housing, emotional support, food, recreation and, most importantly, a safe environment where neighborhood youth can experience positive adult role models that challenge and direct them into healthy adult maturity.
• Feeding the hungry- more than 13,000 meals have been served to children 18 and under in the last year free of charge. 94% of the children attending the local feeder school that we most predominantly work with are part of state free and reduced lunch program.
• SES - No Child Left Behind - high school youth receive personal tutoring in their area of need.
• EVO has also recently purchased a property known as The Greater Pittsburgh Temple, (corner of Pacific and Friendship Ave.) for the purpose of developing a community recreation center for the racially diverse children, youth and families of the local neighborhoods. The preservation and restoration of this building will cost more than $2,000,000. We believe the restoration of this building will help unify these diverse communities through volunteer help and ownership due to the programs provided by EVO. At present there is no place offering the type of services envisioned by EVO in the near East End (Bloomfield, Garfield and Friendship).

The above programs fall into the primary areas of interest to include: literacy, educational enrichment, and youth career development while focusing on the underserved, lower-income youth in the Garfield, Bloomfield, Lawerenceville, East Liberty and Friendship areas of Pittsburgh. Workforce training occurs while implementing system reform through higher standards in youth programs, and the promotion of family, youth and child development programs. EVO believes that Educational Excellence and Equity occur as relationships are nurtured into long-term connections. As Maslow's hierarchy of needs shows, unless a child's physiological, safety, love and belongingness and esteem needs are first met the child's ability to learn and grow into a self-actualized person are severely limited. The children, youth and adults who have connected with Earthen Vessels Outreach 4-5 years ago have stayed connected because the above needs are being met. As the individual and family trust levels are established, the child's educational excellence and equity soar.


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