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Mission Statement

Accessible health care and a good education can change a child's world. You can be part of that change. Our mission is to act as an advocate for children in America. Children are this countries future and too many go without healthcare and educational opportunities everyday. Our objective is to make sure every child in America has access to preventative healthcare with a focus on immunizations and educational excellence with a focus on literacy while providing an environment where children can realize and achieve their full potential. We are committed to be a resource for all children in America, regardless of gender, race, creed or national origin. We will work with numerous children's organizations and individuals throughout the United States with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for children in America. We are Americans, looking to improve the quality of life for America's children.


CAA has a combination of medical and educational programming. Our main medical program and focus of our medical programming is Health Promotion in motion. This is a immunization and preventative healthcare initiative focused on making sure every child in America is immunized per CDC guidelines and in basic good health. Our main educational program is a literacy program for all children. We also focus on children K-5 grade that come from families that English is not their first language. Our CBC(childrens Book Club) goal is to raise the level of literacy in America's children. Our MAC Advantage Math Clubs are to help develop childrens basic math skills. We help all children but our main focus is the underserved population of America.


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