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Mission Statement

The Association of Inland Mission Schools (AIMS) seeks to continue the good work begun by the expatriate missionaries by rebuilding the facilities --- medical clinics, school buildings, residential units, etc. --- that were either destroyed or neglected because of the Liberian civil war. Rebuilding these structures will provide a suitable environment for teaching, learning, and serving. (Visit our website http://www.aims-liberia.org for more information.)


The ASSOCIATION OF INLAND MISSION SCHOOLS (AIMS) is an intercultural, international, faith-based organization of the evangelical tradition, comprising Americans, Liberians and other nationals who are committed to primary, elementary and secondary education in the West African Republic of Liberia which is recovering from a devastating military revolution that left the nation and its people battered, bruised and broken. Scattered throughout Grand Bassa County (west-central Liberia) and Nimba County (north-central Liberia) are seven schools (ranging from kindergarten through high school levels) that were once operated directly or indirectly by the Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC) missionaries primarily from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Many of these missionaries have retired from the mission field and many others have departed this life.



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by Emily M. (2009-11-23 18:59:26.0)
Being born into a country where my rights and privileges were handed to me, I know the responsibility I have, to take, what I have been blessed with and share with those who have experienced hardship, turmoil and persecution unjustly. I know that my support is not going to affect just one life, rather I have personally met many people whose lives have been changed for the better due to AIMS, Inc. I question . . . Why would I not share with those when I have been so blessed? . . . School, shelter, church and opportunity – minor items that may be taken for granted by some, but are now possible for those in Liberia through support to an organization like AIMS, Inc.
by Kedrick B. (2009-11-13 19:28:48.0)
The Association of Inland Mission Schools (AIMS) is an organization conceived and launched by Liberian graduates of Inland Mission Schools. The founders and leaders are men and women who benefited from the gospel ministry of Liberia Inland Mission, and from the education provided by the Inland Mission Schools which they have made a focus of this organization. These founders and leaders are committed Christians, with a deep passion to rebuild walls that were broken down during the civil war in Liberia during the 1990s and early 2000s, and during the persecution of Christians during that war. Their interest and passion is in rebuilding more than walls of brick and mortar. It's in rebuilding the lives of the people, creating opportunities in the communities where the schools were planted. This is a serious group, tightly connected with the actual communities being focused on. This is a group with vision, integrity, accountability, passion, and a commitment to excellence.
by Joel L B. from Piscataway, NJ (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-10-19 12:39:39.0)
I am impressed by the committment, the level of energy, the excitement, and the enthusiasm this core group of AIMS members is showing. Let's keep it up!!! JLB
by Rob W. from Greenville (2009-10-13 05:30:15.0)
The heart of AIMS is not in New Jersey, but deep in the West African country of Liberia. The vision of rebuilding a few small schools and medical clinics in the African interior will not mean much to the world, but it will mean the world to these people of Liberia. I met the leaders and volunteers of AIMS this summer and saw how one person at a time, a few dollars at a time the organization is restoring hope to small villages in Liberia through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by rebuilding vocation, education, and medical care.
by Rev. J. Railey G. from Los Angeles, CA (2009-08-17 10:08:22.0)
A graduate of the Liberia Inland Mission Schools, once run by faithful expatriate missionaries in rural Liberia , I am a strong believer in continuing the legacy and building on "THE SURE FOUNDATION" which is Christ Jesus. "In many [African] countries,the Church is the only effective social organization that can bring reconciliation to ethnic groups [and] cope with the many economic, health and education challenges in collapsing societies," according to Operation World. Therefore, advancing and promoting the Inland Mission Schools, now operated by the United Liberia Inland Church (ULIC) which succeeded the Liberia Inland Mission, will contribute immensely to helping build a "New Liberia" out of the ashes of war. Perhaps you are challenged by the idea that YOUR LIFE could be one of "SIGNIFICANCE" rather than just another "success story." Maybe you too can help empower struggling communities and transform lives in Liberia. COME JOIN OUR MOVEMENT! YOU WOULD BE GLAD YOU DID! Blessings.