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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

It is by love we will grow,

It is by hope we shall thrive,

It is by unity we will transform and survive

We shall stand together for the cause....Love

Our goal is inspiring, uplifting, guiding, supporting, and demonstrating kindness and the power of God's love.

Reaching out to others in need, wrapping them in a blanket of love,

Believing in those we serve to have value and worth.

We acknowledge that God sits on the throne of our hearts and is the foundation we cling to.

"It is found in unity that we will rise to become a better people" (Julie Twyman)


Since 2001 Sacramento Valley- Oak Park Thanksgiving to the Streets has partnered with community ministries such as Sacramento Nazarene 1 st Church, New Covenant Church of the Nazarene, Love INC, Capital Christian, Food Link, Victory Tabernacle Church, Fremont Presbyterian Church, and local community businesses such as Coca Cola, Star Bucks, Tri Cities Bank, Sacramento city council members, Girl Scouts, school districts, and our community to bring assistance to the homeless, needier individuals, seniors, students and families through the Sacramento Valley/ Oak Park Thanksgiving to the Streets Program which umbrellas other programs like; Christmas Baskets to the Streets, the Sacramento Blanket Drive, Sacramento Poverty- Reaching Back, and One CAN can Do.

Through these programs we have been able to touch the lives of more than 5,000 people, helping to meet their needs both directly and indirectly.

By acts of kindness, we have built relationships with our community and have received support from community leaders like Councilwoman Laura Hammond, Councilman Dave Jones, Darrel Steinburg, Roger Dickenson and county workers from the Department of Human Services, school districts, local businesses, and our community.

The members of our community have been inspired by our goals and efforts to serve, they have responded with open arms and a willingness to help us when we called for blankets, food, clothing and other items. In doing this, we have not only built relationships with new community members, but have stood together in unity for a cause, "LOVE".

Since 2001 we have helped to make changes in people's lives by walking beside them and giving non-judgmental support. We have believed in those we have served and helped them to see their worth. We have been able to encourage, inspire and help them follow their hearts. We have seen miracle after miracle in the lives of the people we have touched, watching them transform and blossom. We thank God for these miracles.

We served about 5,000 + people Thanksgiving dinner, distributed 300 Christmas food baskets and over 3,000 blankets as well as hygiene products and other items each year since 2004. We have been able to assist some AIDS patients find peace and a sense of belonging, given our homeless a place of belonging as we have advocated for their needs, counseled drug addicts and supported their recovery. We have helped people with mental health issues get the services and medication they needed to become stable. We have helped social workers from local schools when they contacted us to help families who needed services. We have given spiritual guidance with support and the greatest gift of all, LOVE through Christ Jesus our Lord.

We look forward to building our relationships with all of you who have been a support and a helping hand. We want to acknowledge you all for your efforts. We thank you all for the support, and we hope that with your help we can continue working on more ways to serve our community throughout rhe coming years, to inspire, to uplift, and to love all of whom we serve.

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