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Mission Statement

Global African Village supplements the efforts of the Bagishu people of eastern Uganda to assist the vulnerable, especially children and the elderly, by providing child care, by improving wells and latrines, and by raising funds for health care and health education.


Global African Village, an all-volunteer nonprofit founded in June 2007, is run by four Board members, all of whom work full-time at other jobs. We are that dedicated! We do all the work of Global African Village in the evenings and the weekends. Because we have no office or staff, we have relatively few expenses. Thus, most donations go directly to the Bagishu people of eastern Uganda, whose average annual income is a mere $6 per year.

Our President, Sebastian Wanzama-Piro, is a native Uganda who immigrated to Toronto, Ontario 18 years ago. He returns annually to Uganda and puts our donations right to work. Thus, donors get quick feedback and gratification. In addition, donations often provide work for local people. Here are some examples.

One donation purchased a treadle sewing machine (there is no electricity), which enabled several local women to generate income. Another donation purchased a bicycle, creating a small income for a local man who now makes deliveries and provides some transportation. A targeted donation in 2008 built an addition onto our simple child care center, while creating some work for local carpenters. Photos of these and other projects are on our web site ( www.globalafricanvillage.rog ) and our Facebook page.

Because only four of us do all the work of this nonprofit, we welcome volunteers with a bit of time to help with simple fundraisers.



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