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Mission Statement

The purpose of Harmony Through Education(Harmony) is to fund and establish schools for disadvantaged children and young adults who do not have access to education. We are initially focusing on schools for children who have mental and physical challenges, assisting them to develop skills that will allow them to be more self-sufficient and contribute to their families and communities.


Harmony Through Education is an international organization who specializes in education. Harmony was established to improve the lives of residents in underserved rural communities by providing education and health services to children. Specifically, Harmony provides educational opportunities for children who are uneducated and/or mentally or physically challenged.

Harmony Through Education implements this mission by funding the creation of projects to establish and operate schools in local communities run by citizens who are native to the particular country. Local involvement and leadership fosters the growth of each child, but also supports their families and builds community harmony.

In July of 2008, Harmony opened the doors of its first school for special needs children in Dharamsala, India. Our school has two names: Harmony Through Education Dharamsala for Special Needs Children, and the name given by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, "Illuminating Loving-Kindness School."

Harmony's goal is to employ the "micro-bank" model to assist the Harmony Dharamsala school community to become self-sufficient. In addition to in-class vocational skills instruction, the children are taken on field trips to the local shops, banks and markets to increase their capacities and learning opportunities. Harmony's plan is to purchase a shop in the lower Dharamsala Bazaar, where the children and family members can be employed.

Harmony also provides support and education for the families of the students which focus on health care, nutrition and community development. Each Saturday the school provides three hours of free consultation, intervention and instruction. We have established relationships with local community health-oriented organizations which provide free health care for our students and families. In addition, our school provides opportunities for the disabled population to become self sufficient via sheltered workshops.



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by Nicole S. from Chicago, IL (Administrator for this Organization) (December 9, 2014)
Hello! I volunteered with Harmony Through Education a few years ago and had a great experience. I am now Program Manager of the organization and would love to recruit more volunteers through this organization. See below! Harmony Through Education is a school whose mission is to educate children with special needs in rural, impoverished areas of developing nations. This education enables the children to rise above the confines of their isolation, develop self-esteem and employable skills, and become a source of pride for their families and communities. Harmony implements this mission by creating effective projects and schools specifically tailored to educate special needs students and their families. Local involvement and leadership in the communities fosters the growth of each child, supports their families, and builds community harmony. Harmony is proud to announce its volunteer program. Be the first to embark on