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Mission Statement

To assist At Risk Job Seekers by providing an array of hope through employment advocacy, linkage to resources, and provisions to reduce traditional and nontraditional barriers hindering career and life advancement.


Beyond The Conviction is an Employment and Resource Empowerment Program for "At Risk Job Seekers", such as: ex-offenders, juveniles, persons with limited education, persons with limited work experience, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, challenged credit, over/under qualified job seekers, H.I.V., A.I.D.S., homeless persons, veterans, poverty stricken, children and family members of at risk job seekers.

We specialize in the fields of care coordination and work preparation classes and we would be open to helping you in this field and/or any other fields that we can be of assistance to you with a service contract set into place with you and Beyond The Conviction. We offer a variety of new ATR (Access to Recovery Services II programs) customized to help reduce the relapse of at risk job seekers. We provide direction, enlightenment, and hope through an array of customized social services and resources delivered by professional staff that has experienced some of the same career and life obstacles.

We offer the following services:

· Customized One-On-One Job Development
· Mentorship
· Recovery Support Services
· Workforce Development
· Spiritual Life Skills
· Family Engagement
· Transportation (within range)
· Pastoral Counseling
· Care Coordination
· Career Development
· Educational Training
· Employment Resources
· Advocacy Support

Our program is administered by the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse program with funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, grants and donations. Our goal is to reduce and/or remove any and all barriers that limit participants from prospering in the community.



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