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Mission Statement

At Free World U, our mission is to enable students to develop academically and socially to their fullest potential, using innovative online technology while maintaining an environment of open communication and shared responsibility with administration, staff, students, parents, and board members.


Our Vision: Our vision at Free World U is to utilize free, worldwide education to eliminate the root cause of social dysfunction. We envision a major positive social impact through innovative teaching methods that all students can learn from, using online illustrated flashcards teaching individual fact units as our primary tools.

We have discovered that almost all courses of study rely on a body of knowledge that can be broken down into fact units, the smallest division possible, analogous to an atom in chemistry. Each of these fact units can be expressed as a question and answer pair. Through electronic flashcards, computer programming, and the Internet, we have developed a system wherein each fact unit can be sorted by the student so that each fact unit is eliminated from the pool as it is mastered. The system remembers every student as an individual and the status of every fact unit for that student. We envision a school where students worldwide can gain a world-class, accredited education--without having to pay tuition or travel to a central location, from preschool to postgraduate school. We envision an interactive environment, where experts everywhere can share their knowledge and students receive immediate replies to their questions.

In addition to the state prescribed curriculum, we will add health and character development, relationships, dating, courtship and marriage, activities of daily living and careers. We will emphasize citizenship on a global level. In time, we believed that this will result in a palpable social change that will be reflected in the content projected in the news media and the general social atmosphere.



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Would you recommend Free World U?

by Dale P. (2010-10-07 18:42:25.0)
Dr. Hall is an amazing man whom I admire and respect greatly. As the homeschooling father of eight children and the owner of a tutoring company I have seen a lot approaches to education. Free World U is the best I have seen for the greatest number of students. My kids love it, my tutoring students love it, and I love it.
by Amanda R. (2009-12-28 22:30:54.0)
The staff is very friendly. Dr.Hall is very kind and will explain anything to you that you don't understand. My children love this school. They have not liked any other school or curriculum that they have used. However they like this one and they are learning. I could not ask for a better education for my three children than the one Dr.Hall and his staff are providing. Thank you very much Dr.Hall
by David H. from South Pasadena, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-12-15 01:39:36.0)
One mother wrote: Of all the methods I have used, my boys like Free World U the best. I was kind of skeptical about how they would really learn using the flashcard method, and, to my surprise, they learn very well from it. They all love the fact that you can work at your own pace and don't have to wait for others to get done. My sixth grader loves to work ahead and learn things that are new for him. He tested at 10th grade level in the fourth grade, and every day of his fourth grade year, I'd get a note from his teacher that Kody was talking in class, nterupting other students. The teacher would give him worksheets her ninth grade son was studying to keep him busy. With your program, he is unrestricted in what he can study. My 11th grader had a very hard time learning in the public school system because of ADHD. With your program, he understands things so much easier because information is explained in a way he can grasp. Crystal R.
by Shaun K. (2009-07-31 15:16:21.0)
This organization is extremely well managed, and is the most likely to have a global impact on global social problems of any non-profit that I know of. They have a great staff and the morale is very high. Free World U will change the world!