• Gabby Jack Ranch, a division of Canine Service Connection Gabby Jack Ranch, a division of Canine Service Connection


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Mission Statement


To live in a world that understands, assists and encourages people accompanied by well-trained service and therapy dogs in public places.


Our mission is to make Canine Service Connection (Gabby Jack Ranch) programs the most innovative and successful service and therapy programs available. We accomplish this mission by introducing programs that are modern, effective, and affordable for all qualified dogs and human participants.


Our core values include:

  • Triad Team placement; consisting of quality dog breeders, skilled trainers and the person with disabilities or therapy dog handlers. At the core of this triad is the carefully selected and matched puppy
  • Early matching; using the insight of breeder, trainer and client, we are able to match and place a puppy with their partner; enhancing bonding and communication to build solid foundations for learning
  • Early bonding; we believe that puppies are continually learning and watching so that they can communicate with their human families. By placing a puppy within the home or community of the client, early bonding can take place and enhance the communication level of both the human and the canine
  • Teaching dog/human communication skills; we believe that dogs are capable of communicating with their humans; our clients are taught to pay attention to the subtle cues and mannerisms of the dog. Dogs are very sensitive to subtle cues from their human partners, even if the cues are non-verbal we help our clients recognize and use communication skills beyond verbal commands
  • Home Centered: Our program begins in the home of the client; taking advantage of the natural bond that forms from an environment of love and companionship during the training process
  • Care for the Dog: The Gabby Jack Ranch is guided by recent advances in anthrozoology (the study of relationships between humans and animals) and Dog Cognition.
  • Innovation: Gabby Jack Ranch offers unique programs: Homefront Dogs for returning US war veterans Advanced Therapy training for trauma therapy dogs (such as court dogs, catastrophictrauma comfort dogs, etc.)



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Would you recommend Gabby Jack Ranch, a division of Canine Service Connection?

by Carol h. (2015-02-06 20:59:27.0)
I'd recommend this organization to others because It benefits families in need and provides a better quality of life for people facing unique challenges in life.