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Mission Statement

The Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a non-profit law enforcement organization, which works within the State of New York, specifically in Schenectady County and any adjourning county that does not have a duly incorporated SPCA, to investigate complaints of animal cruelty. We work very closely with the various Police agencies within the county and work to educate the public regarding the State animal cruelty laws.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our humane education, humane services and humane law enforcement divisions.

We receive a disproportionate number of requests to volunteer in our Law Enforcement Division. Volunteers for our Humane Law Enforcement Division must undergo a detailed background investigation before being accepted. Conviction of a felony, any sexual offense, any domestic violence offense, or any offense involving drugs, firearms, or force is an automatic disqualifier. Other convictions to include numerous traffic infractions may result in your disqualification. You must be of good moral character.

Generally, volunteers must work in the humane education division for some time before they will be considered for transfer to the Humane law Enforcement Division. The Humane Education Division is active in schools, churches, and other public gatherings by informing the public of the services we provide. They also actively work with families who may need a little help with caring for their animals because of a physical or mental condition. It is our mission to help people own animals and enjoy the love that the animals provide while also ensuring that the animals are not neglected or abused. A simple phone call every day to an elderly person to remind them to feed their animal (or clean the litter box) may be all that is needed to keep this loving relationship to continue. We don't want to remove animals when our humane education division could step in and help the animal owners and the animal.

Our Humane Education Division is just as important if not more so in preventing Animal Cruelty then our Law Enforcement Division. Many people are unaware that they are violating the law, and a simple lesson from our Humane Education Division could help prevent the animal suffering while ensuring the owner enjoys the love of the animal.

If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know what you are willing to do and how many hours per month you are available. We would also like to know the days/hours that you are generally available. If you are comfortable with public speaking, please so indicate.



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