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Mission Statement

Our Primary Mission at Lakota Wildlife is to supply superior refuge and care, be it temporary or permanent, for any wild animal when it is in need.

In supplying refuge, we attempt to duplicate their natural environment as accurately as possible to provide as much stimulation, freedom and a sense of well being in a captive setting where value is placed on every life.

Our Secondary Mission is to acquaint and educate the public concerning the value of our local wildlife and, in doing so, promote harmony in the co-existence of humans and each specie.

Our Vision is to provide safe haven for all injured, orphaned or abused wild animals in a beautiful and peaceful setting while offering education of these animals to promote increased awareness and appreciation.

With the participation of local groups including businesses, rehabilitation groups and the Department of Natural Resources, we can create a refuge for animals who previously had no where to go; a sanctuary where an atmosphere of tranquility is maintained to optimize the necessary interaction between man and animal.

We hope to provide enriching habitats for the enjoyment of both our residents and those who pass through to learn about the beauty of our wildlife. Those animals who come to Lakota who can be released into their natural settings will be, and those who need permanent refuge, will be cared for with their needs set as priority.

We have, however, noticed that those who come and see a fox or a coyote for the first time in a pleasant setting blossom in the interaction... and with that, a future vision has spawned to include enabling people who have encountered life's hardships to become involved in a purpose bigger than themselves, thus reinstating self-value while helping others. After all, we're all here together.


Lakota Wildlife Center, Inc. was initially created with one goal in mind: to provide safe haven for large wildlife and exotics who have been orphaned, injured or are simply unwanted by their current owners. In the development of our facility, however, we discovered the link between educating the public, especially our youth, about wildlife, their plight and the need for us all to come together to make a difference for these displaced creatures. We discovered that there is too large of a need for help and too little organization between sanctuaries and wildlife groups to come together in servicing these animals. With all these new goals in mind, Lakota Online was created...

It's primary purpose is still to provide sanctuary and release, if possible, to all that come to us, but our duties have expanded. We hope to take another step to unite wildlife groups to share and organize information through our forums, blogs and group features, to provide a base for animal exchange (for the benefit of the animal) through our marketplace, and provide a general community based portal for wildlife groups to expand and use each other's resources. The benefits and features we offer on our site are unique, making us the only wildlife portal with search engine capabilities to accomplish this task.

We also feel obligated to educate the public in any way possible on our wildlife and the value they possess. We have seen first hand the magic between a child and our precious animals and intend to nurture this connection for the benefit of both our youth and our wildlife who desperately need us as allies. Our sponsors and membership base make this possible through their donations and participation. Our volunteers are also invaluable in this endeavor. It will take all of us coming together to truly make a difference. We hope you not only enjoy the site, but use it fully to aid both your fellow reahabber and, by doing so, help all of our wild creatures.



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