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Mission Statement

HDF Mission: A Positive Social Change The mission of The Human Development Foundation of North America shall be to facilitate a non-political movement for a positive social change and community empowerment through mass literacy, enhanced quality of education, universal primary health care and grassroots economic development.


Introduction For the past decade, the Human Development Foundation of North America (HDF) has helped more than 200,000 of the most underprivileged people in all four provinces of Pakistan. HDF believes in "helping people help themselves." This philosophy is carried out by the founding of educational programs, preventative healthcare education, empowering communities, creating physical infrastructure, vocational training, as well as economic development programs, where members of the community become the leaders. HDF was formed by the American-Pakistani community, in 1997, as a gift to the people of Pakistan on the 50th anniversary of the country's independence. In past 10 years, HDF has been successful in achieving the following towards the goals of health and human development in Pakistan: 1. Community Empowerment allows communities to develop their own infrastructure along with the guidance of HDF staff members, in order to generate an independent and socially responsible atmosphere. 2. Education - Educating A Nation Primary Education begins with community interest, schools are then set up, in accordance to the government's approved curriculum, teaching English from the start. Local teachers use activity based learning to encourage the children to learn in a positive atmosphere. Elementary and Secondary Education for Girls promotes gender equality while placing the emphasis on the importance of educating girls, so that they too have the chance to advance both socially and economically within the community. Adult Literacy includes teaching basic reading, writing and math skills to adults over a six month long period. 3. Healthy Families Lady Health Workers fill the demand for nurses in rural areas, allowing women health workers to make household visits where hospitals and medical facilities are non existent. This in turn will lead to infant mortality elimination. Maternal Care trains birth attendants for safe deliveries and postnatal care, as well as information regarding child spacing opportunities, Tetanus Immunization and care for high risk pregnancies. Child Care teaching new mothers the importance of immunization, regular growth monitoring, and other postnatal care, such as breast feeding and proper nutrition. Health Education trains members of the community proper First Aid procedures, the importance of personal hygiene and ways to prevent Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and Iodine Deficiency. 4. Self Help Infrastructure Improvements All Weather Roads connect communities and families together by the laying of brick roads from town to town. Clean Drinking Water is provided to communities by the installation of wells, pumps, sanitary water course lining and by educating the community on the proper disposal of waste. 5. Economic Self Sufficiency Vocational Training in both electrical and plumbing fields trains individuals how to improve their community's standard of living. Micro Lending allows for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit to achieve their dreams, by opening stores, raising livestock or producing other goods. Since the beginning, HDF has been able to mobilize the Pakistani American community and establish supporting networks in all major metropolitan areas of the USA, that work together to raise close to $3,000,000 annually. These communities include: Chicago, Silicon Valley, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, New Jersey, Boston, New Orleans, Richmond, Minneapolis and Providence.



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