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H.O.O.P. Foundation (Holistic Offerings & Opportunity for People)

Cause Area

  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Education & Literacy
  • Employment
  • Sports & Recreation


1137 East Redondo Blvd.INGLEWOOD, CA 90302 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

The Holistic Offering & Opportunity People (HOOP) - Mentoring Program seeks to be at the forefront of youth development, working with young people from disadvantaged economic, social and family circumstances.

"The mission of H.O.O.P. is to empower urban communities by engaging people in holistic training environments that promote lifetime positive results."


HOOP’s objectives acronym is PASS IT! Pass It Physically! Pass It Academically! Pass It Socially! Pass It Spiritually! with Integrity and Truth! Our measurements of our youth achieving these individual objectives are:

Promote Physical and Healthy Lifestyle Skills : The observation and recording of our youth progress in participating in an on-going regimen of regular exercises and the changes in their eating habits will measure the success of our program. Students will receive fitness tests and routine health screenings performed by licensed professionals.

Improve Academic Skills : Youth are required to submit their grade cards to enter our programs. Youth and their parent/guardian contractually agree to submit all subsequent grade cards to HOOP as long as the youth is participating in our programs. HOOP coaches, tutors and mentors will review the grade card with the youth and prepare an action plan to help them improve their grades. Records of improved grades will measure the success of our program.

Develop Social Skills and Cultural Awareness : The observation and recording of our youth behavior in life skills training, tournaments, culmination events and community outreach events will measure the success of our programs. Respect, positive sportsmanship, teamwork, positive self-image and confidence are the fundamentals we are measuring. Our How-To sessions will measure their ability to provide encouragement and leadership skills to each other in the program. Our ultimate goal is for our youth to be able to connect with youth from all walks of life. Although they may have very different views, they may be able to develop mutual relationships.

Enhance Spiritual Skills : The observation of our youth’s change in attitude and conversation during the Life Skills program will measure the success of our program. We will measure our youth based on their growth in knowing their reality and being able to motivate their peers in spite of. We will measure our youth based on their willingness to participate in our community outreach events. HOOP’s goal is for youth to recognize the importance of service before self.

Instill Integrity and Truth : HOOP will assist our youth in developing their personal goals plan. We will review the plan with the youth and their parents. We will allow the youth the opportunity to change their plan as needed. Our measure of success will be the youth’s ability to be honest and accountable for their personal goals. True leadership recognizes that things will change and integrity and truth allows you to successfully adapt to those changes in a positive manner.

At the completion of their programs, we celebrate our youth’s victories at our HOOP Foundation Annual Gala for our Sports, Tutoring and Life Skills Programs, a Fashion Show for our Beautiful Anointed Daughters Program and a Certificate Celebration for our Summer Sports Camp. These events provide the opportunity to acknowledge our youth for their participation and achievements in the presence of their family and peers.


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