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Mission Statement

Scripps stives to provide superior health services in a caring environment and to make a positive, measurable difference in the health of individuals in the communities we serve.

We devote our resources to delivering quality, safe, cost effective, socially responsible health care services. We advance clinical research, community health education, education of physicians and health care professionals and sponsor graduate medical education.

we collaborate with others to deliver the continuum of care that improves the healt of our community.


Acute Care Hospital

Class 1 Trauma Center

Behavioral Heal In-patient & Out-patient Programs

Medical Education Department

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Average Review 4 reviews

Would you recommend Scripps Mercy Hospital?

by ludivina p. from San Diego, CA (2015-10-16 18:33:54.0)
I love it here. The people I've meet have had a huge impact on my life. The patients are so amazing. (:
by Jessica K. (2013-05-28 12:09:21.0)
I had a great experience volunteering at Scripps Mercy as a pre-medical student. I was placed in the Emergency room. Nurses and technical partners were more than happy to let me help and observe. Although, there was often downtime it allowed me to get one on one patient interaction. Physicians were also very willing to let you observe their interactions with patients. Also, it is a trauma center and with permission you may even be able to watch observe the team treating a trauma patient. Overall, I would definitely recommend volunteering here to pre-medical students.
by Lori K. from San Diego, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2013-04-16 09:31:24.0)
In response to the review by Suzy. We had no opening in the gift shop and she was assigned to the bookcart per her choice on 6/25/12 at her interview.She gave us no references until 8/17/12 and never finished her medical testing. We worked with her very hard but she never finished the process. We don't have a fancy sign in system as the other site she volunteered at but a sign in book at our information desk. We have a special program for pre-med/nursing that work only with our patients. I am sorry she was so unhappy.
by Suzy L. (2012-07-31 09:10:21.0)
I had a horrible experience with trying to volunteer at Scripps Mercy. I have never been treated so unprofessionally in my life! Not only are they fully staffed in the gift shop they do not want to place people who are willing to volunteer their time to help the patients, where there is a great need. I came across this listing and was flabbergasted. Lori the director of volunteering sent me an email and basically told me to volunteer elsewhere. Just a side note, I had volunteered at Scripps La Jolla ( great experience) and had an excellent reference from them. They are very unorganized and the area where the volunteers go to sign in is in such disoray it is shameful as my experience in La Jolla was completely different. My reason for wanting to help was simple, I saw a need while my husband was a patient there last year from a heart attack and wanted to give back. The doctors / nurses were wonderful. Thanks this was my experience with dealing with Scripps Mercy.