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Mission Statement

Amman Imman empowers and supports Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous peoples and engages students worldwide as socially conscious leaders. Through our Africa-based program, Oases of Life, we establish points of civilization that flourish, beginning with the construction of permanent water sources. Our programs emphasize the roles of women and youth as leaders for society stability in health, resiliency, equality and climate emissions reduction. Since 2006, Amman Imman(AI) has worked as the pioneer organization committed to saving lives among the half-million Tuareg and Wodaabe pastoral nomads in the Azawak of West Africa.


Once Africa’s most lush pastoral lands, this Florida-sized desert valley has become the most forsaken region of Niger and Mali, among the poorest countries on Earth. Unremitting drought has dried up above ground and shallow underground sources of water. Children walked up to 30 miles round-trip for a bucket of water after waiting in line for up to two-days. Food shortage and disease are endemic; half the children die before reaching five-years, often of thirst.

AI has begun to reverse this tendency, bringing sustainable improvement to the lives of tens of thousands of people through the creation of "Oases of Life". These points-of-civilization begin with the construction of 600ft deep borehole-wells, and to date serve more than 100,000 people and animals. Once a borehole has been built, Amman Imman

  • conducts skills-training, reforestation, sanitation, food-security programs
  • women’s empowerment projects.
  • builds schools, gardens
  • launches health initiatives focusing on reproductive health and health education


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