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Mission Statement

The SPCA of Tennessee is a new non-profit organization devoted to helping animals. Our mission is to end animal cruelty and suffering in our state and beyond through education, investigation, and prosecution; to provide a safe haven and protection for abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted animals; and to promote animal welfare through programs and services that mutually benefit animals and people.


Our Dream at The SPCA of Tennessee is to build an Animal Sanctuary: an animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering for animals in need. We will take the creatures who are neglected, abandoned, abused, lost, afraid, hungry, or ill - and comfort them, give them a warm soft bed, an adequate amount of good nutrient food, medical care and most of all, love. In many ways this is a very easy thing for us to do because they are lovely, grateful animals who give a world of love in return. However, in another, also important way, it is increasingly difficult - more challenging, because the number of animals in need is so large.

With your help, we can provide them with a special place to be loved, cherished, fed, housed - and to receive proper medical care for the rest of their days. All animals deserve to live without fear for their lives - with a reliable means to fulfill their needs. As humans we know of the need for hope of a better tomorrow.

Because of their infirmities and physical challenges, much of it caused by human neglect and/or abuse, many homeless senior and special needs animals have very little chance of finding a new home. Our wonderful staff and volunteers will work tirelessly to find a place for these special animals to finish their life journey in comfort and in love.

The SPCA of Tennessee will help senior and special needs animals when all else fails. If we can, we find them a special home of their own. If that very special home never comes, they will still be safe and cherished until the end of their days. We pledge to love them, to care for them, and to try to anticipate and meet their every need. Whether they understand it or not, we want to assure that they will never be alone again.

Our efforts will be focused on animals who will need a safe and secure place to stay while they recover their physical health and emotional harmony. All animals will be spayed and neutered, and they will receive appropriate veterinary care and excellent nutrition. No cages, no chains. They will have snugly fenced acres where we can take them to run and play. All of them will have a secure indoor setting with appropriate cooling during hot days or heating through cold nights with bed and blankets to sleep in after a long day in the play area.

You are invited to participate in this dream of ours, to help us achieve it: with your kind donation we will be able to save more lives and make Tennessee a better place for the animals.



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