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Mission Statement

In situations where children may be at high risk for emotional or physical harm following their parents's separation or divorce, Rally provides a safe, neutral environment with experienced, trained personnel who supervise visits and exchanges between the children and their parents.


Rally provides four services: Monitored exchanges allow for the safe transfer of children between parents whose contact has been highly conflictual. Supervised visitations allow for observation and documentation of the parent-child interaction. Directed Supervised visitations allow for the above, combined with a parent education component. Off-site Supervised visitations allow for a more natural and varied setting in which the visits may occur.

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by Scarlett A. (2018-03-18 17:56:28.0)
I am a consumer and Nadia the director has targeted me. She has treated me punitively and has humiliated me. She is biased and chooses to be kind to the offending parent. She holds some sort of vengence to the parent that has protected the child. She has tortured me at this point and threathened she intimadates me all over 2-4 dollars. She uses her power against already traumatized and victimized families. She lies on the court reports and will go to all cost to destroy peoples reputations. She is not trauma informed. She needs to be investigated. She also asked on email for my personal bank pin number. That is illegal. She has comitted purjury of the law and holds a J.D. I am being forced to keep going and they won't give me a grievance form to report her. Yelped her like so many others yet she even had that changed from 0stars to 3 after finding out we were reviewing her as a 0. Please help. Nobody seems to be able to stop her. But I don't deserve this and have reported it to the BBB