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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive medical program for our patients, emphasizing preventative, didactic, and manipulative medicine. Because the program is patient centered, each of our patients must be actively involved in his or her health care. Our goals are: *to develop a patient knowledge base that helps the patient to understand both wellness and disease. *to actively involve the patient directly in the his or her own health care decision processes and activities, including medical compliance for the purpose of promoting greater wellness. *to provide manipulative and nutritional services and programs in order to reduce the need for prescription medicine. *to assist the poor by providing access to medical diagnostic and dental care to those who are without the means to obtain such care on their own.


The Osteopathic Primary Care Center is a one year old non-profit medical center. The organization strives to meet the medical needs of the community at large, but in particular, the needs of the working poor. Our plans to meet those needs in the most effective way include the following: The organization's plans and goals are: *Build a medical center which will be a hub for medical, diagnostic, rehabilitation, educational, pharmaceutical services, and research which also provides a recycled medical supply storage area. We plan to use a property opposite St. Anthony's Church, at the intersection of St. Anthony's Road and Rt. 806, though there are other options as well. Gettysburg Hospital has offered the possibility of blueprints and technical guidance and would be able to provide staffing for lab and physical therapy services. Also, Adams County Physical Therapy Group would be interested in having office time there. There could also be space for a pharmacy and alternative care providers (e.g. acupuncturist). *Use of the the facility to headquarter the research for an already started epidemiological study plotting cancers and specific addresses that will allow a view of local etiology of cancers. Other projects could be supported with students interning from the local high school and colleges. *Build up the T. Andrew Miller Bootstraps Foundation. This foundation would provide funds that would be spent directly on the needy for individual medical, dental, diagnostic, and psychiatric care. This would be event-driven, rather than for the purpose of subsidizing a client's long term care. However, it may provide long term support for some psychiatric interventions. *Educate future care providers. This includes being a site for those in medical training of various types or those interested in a medical future who are now in college or high school.



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