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Mission Statement

APA supports family association as a fundamental human right.


APA is a network of parents to help parents enduring legal proceedings and loss of family association. We study legislation, take positions, tesify, and otherwise work to improve family law. APA volunteers also court watch and respond to calls from children, grandparents, and government agencies.



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by Glen G. (2013-12-12 11:53:47.0)
Many people don't fully understand the full scope or the insidious nature causing lifelong damage to our children who have no voice or understanding through Parental Alienation or PAS; instead their helplessness and contrived ignorance to their torment caused by the separation to the non custodial parent are deliberately, systematically exploited by a callous custodial parent. Statistics show the ripple effect of the fatherless dynamic of Parental Alienation or PAS has triggered social problems of a crisis point, some of which are teen suicide, gang violence and sexual promiscuity. Parental alienation knows no boundaries of race, color, gender, nor any other sociological definition. We'll be airing more solutions, parenting resources to break the cycle. The current parental alienation occurring on a regular basis to our children is said by many in court documents to eclipse the civil rights slave crisis in the 1800's. http://www.avnetnews.net/whydadsmatter.php http://wethefami