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Mission Statement

Breast cancer education screening, diagnosis and care for all citizens regardless of economic level. This program focuses on the highest incidence populations to prevent and detect breast cancer early (working with local medical and non-profit organizations, utilizing the highest technologically means available).


"The PROJECT!" is dedicated to making healthcare consumer education, and resources available to anyone and serving the high-risk, high incidence indigent populations so they may access care (directly and through the Internet with our assistance and training and expansive advocacy). The International Advisory Council - all dedicated to the prevention and early detection of breast cancer pre-adolescence on. Thank you for your interest in "PROJECT! OUTREACH, Inc." By its Charter, "The Project!" is mandated to prevent hundreds of deaths through the early detection of breast cancer by dissemination of direct education. Its budget provides for a professional staff, but the services are more extensive because of volunteers. It is only through love for others, as we love and care for ourselves, that our world, our community, the people we live with daily, will survive. If we love each other, we will love the earth, the environment that feeds and protects us. The volunteers and staff will be advocates and warriors on this trek against breast cancer deaths caused by late diagnosis. Over 180,000 women are maimed or die from breast cancer annually. Volunteers will be taking news, computer skills, and education to those who would not usually receive direct information, or who need the support and encouragement to seek screening for their concerns. The most recent census showed that only 25% of America's families are traditional families. We have a lot of women struggling to maintain households, be parents, and try to learn about their primary task, caring for themselves, and earn a living in order to care for others. Too many women and those who love them have no idea of how to find routine health screening much less maintain their own states of health. Many believe they cannot afford routine care and screening, or they've watched other women around them suffer the effects of an advanced diagnosis of breast cancer, and watched them die. So, we were founded to provide breast cancer education, screening, and advocacy (direct and via Internet) for all citizens regardless of economic levels - and empower them to listen to their own bodies. HOW? Professionals and volunteers serve population groups with the highest incidence of breast cancer as identified by valid studies, and joint-venture with foundations, the communities, cities, etc. that request our multi-cultural team. There are no duplications or replications in our program - only collaboration. We can only do one program well: outreach. We shall not duplicate, only collaborate. We do not perform human research. We do track our outcomes (attendance, continued communications, follow-through with appointments, and our multicultural abilitiy to serve our target populations on their level and needs. We invite other breast cancer organizations world-wide to contact us, and welcome literature from other organizations so we may distribute their resources. Project Outreach is committed to caring, and sharing, not changing or judging medical practices - that will evolve through loving care of others as we care for ourselves. It proves there are doctors who do care. FOUNDER: The PROJECT! was founded by a woman who had two malignancies go undetected, including two annual mammograms and one surgical procedure for another condition that she was told was "benign." She believes that had she known better , she would not have spent several years in letting things go on, and that if this happened to her, as a medical professional, it must be happening to millions of others without the education and information that she possessed. The founder was determined to seek out the best team of physicians possible, implement a double check system to help the whole Team, and seek out a competent, caring group of professionals focused on prevention, and early detection, and then, scientifically honest individuals. Her strategies to form such a team is the basis that is being shared with others. We must all realize that our ethnicity, race, religion, and/or economic status is our culture. We may be one of two people, same race, lived and grew up in the same neighborhood, and be culturally very different. "VOLUNTEER VALUE: Volunteers always make the difference between a neat dish of ice cream and a messy, luscious ice cream cone to a child; they make the hand of the elderly soften, and the heart of the philanthropists bigger. They can reduce a stack of paperwork faster than a tornado. And, their feet never, and hearts, never wear out - and they outlive all of us. Without volunteers, staff in nonprofit organizations would die and early death (C. Thompson, Founder, 1999)!" The founding board of trustees are volunteers - individuals who sincerely care about early detection saving lives. They know that this program does not replicate or duplicate any other and shall not, in fact. They also work on a horizontally cooperative basis, and do not view themselves as a patriarchal structure. Each person does have a "task," as part of the strategic plan; however, anyone may do anything that is needed, and comfortably represent the organization, and speak for it, without concern. PLEASE JOIN US IN THIS FIGHT TO SAVE LIVES!



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