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Mission Statement

At Ten Thousand Villages, we are a non-profit, fair trade organization looking for volunteers that recognize the importance of Fair Trade. We are dedicated to helping artisans in developing countries receive fair wages. Our location is full of beautiful, handcrafted goods from around the world that are all sourced through Fair Trade. We are partnered with artisans and small producers in 38 different countries from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Help us to do our part supporting and empowering others to provide healthcare and education for themselves and their families. Without our volunteers, we would not be in business!


Ten Thousand Villages provides vital, fair income to people from developing countries by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America. Our mission is based on Fair Trade, a way of selling that respects both people and our planet. Fair Trade is:

* Empowerment
o The Creation of Jobs for women, people that lack education, and those with both physical and mental disabilities.
o Training for producers on setting up their business, understanding the marketplace, investing, and financial independence.

* Economic Development
o USA Standards require pre-determined premiums for community development.
o Fair Price minimums are set to increase wage levels for workers.
o Orders are paid for promptly. The average for other importers is 60-90 days for payment making it difficult for small producers to survive.
o Partnerships are built with the producers creating the stability needed for long-term planning.

* Social Responsibility
o Health and safety standards are establish to prevent work-related injuries.
o Child Labor is prohibited.
o Workers are paid fair wages and guaranteed access to healthcare.

* Environmental Stewardship
o Products are shipped using recycled materials.
o Trees are planted to replace wood that is used.
o Packing materials are grown organically and are biodegradable.



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Average Review 3 reviews

Would you recommend Ten Thousand Villages Houston?

by Emily D. (2016-03-30 14:40:27.0)
This is a lovely retail store with a great mission. The products are unique and beautiful, the other volunteers are lovely people committed to helping artisans all over the world. And, best of all, the customers are interested in the products, the artisans and the mission. This is a great place to volunteer.
by Connie B. (Administrator for this Organization) (2016-03-29 07:30:10.0)
Wonderful nonprofit and ingenious social enterprise providing women an opportunity to create a financial base for their families. The artisans receive fair wages for their beautiful and unique work. It is gratifying to be able to purchase unusual items that in turn help others create their own sustainable future. Go shop and enjoy the experience! The majority of the people working in the store are volunteers and are passionate about the work. Enjoy a sample of the delicious fair trade coffee while there.
by filza m. (2010-05-12 01:22:26.0)
I support harworking people who care enough to do whatever they can to support their loved ones and themselves. They are survivors that we should always helpout even if they live miles and mile away. I pray that they are well and their patience adn strenght pays off. Every little thing we can do helps so lets make a difference and support a hero.