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Mission Statement

EcoVitality is a non-profit, tax-exempt NGO set up to protect ecosystems and wildlife in rural areas of developing nations, where most of the world's biodiversity is located. We are creating new conservation-compatible businesses in poor areas, marketing the goods or services in the U.S. and other wealthy states, and sending the profits back to producing communities in return for stronger conservation commitments. This integrated conservation and development (ICAD) approach gives people in poor countries with rich environments what THEY WANT MOST, better economic opportunities, but these benefits are tied to attainment of real conservation progress.


Current EcoVitality projects include: Ecotourism EcoVitality's 4-WD Safaris in Namibia, Africa, offer great wildlife viewing opportunities for clients and will fund conservation programs to protect desert lions and other endangered predators. EcoVitality has formed a partnership with the AfriCat Foundation of Namibia to create better economic incentives that encourage livestock herders and ranchers to adopt more effective practices to minimize predator losses and to promote coexistence between humans and the great cats. We also offer spectacular private trekking tours around Nanga Parbat, the world's 9th highest mountain, to fund conservation of Alpine forests in the Western Himalayas, and trekking tours on the seldom-visited Managalas Plateau in Papua New Guinea to fund biodiversity conservation on the Plateau, including the endangered Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, the world's largest butterfly. Other EcoVitality projects include protecting coral reefs by importing cyanide-free aquarium fish from the Philippines, protecting rainforests from over-exploitation by importing sustainable wood products from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, and encouraging ecoforestry by exporting "green" timber from PNG to Australia. These varied conservation and development projects reflect EcoVitality's motto: "Sustainable Development Requires Sustainable Access to Sustainable Markets."



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