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Mission Statement

SafeRide America is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public service agency headquartered in Atlanta. The mission of SafeRide America is to proactively prevent all types of impaired driving and to provide assistance to children that have lost one or both parents in an impaired driving accident and to children that have been injured by an impaired driver.


SafeRide America serves public safety by providing proactive transportation solutions to help eliminate the two most common excuses given by impaired drivers: money and having their car with them. To accomplish this goal we created SafeRide, a year round program dedicated to driving impaired individuals AND their cars for them. We prevent impaired driving tragedies before they happen. Volunteer opportunities include driving and non-driving projects.


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Would you recommend SafeRide America?

by Scott T. (2018-03-19 18:22:33.0)
SafeRide is great, the employees are very nice and the service offered is very important. SafeRide helps keep the roads safe by providing people with an alternative to getting behind the wheel after drinking. It's like Uber for you and your car. Great way to knock out your volunteer hours, if required, outside regular business hours.
by Michael M. (2017-09-21 13:47:55.0)
Great service for that night out when you know you shouldn't drive home. Saferide gets you and your car home safely so you don't have to worry about leaving your car overnight or getting a ride back to it in the morning.
by George F. (2017-08-30 13:34:13.0)
After getting a DUI, losing my job, going to jail and control of my life and had clarity on how dumb I was. I hurt myself. I hurt my family. And I could have hurt some one else. Be humble and safe Don't drink and drive. Safe Ride America is the right way to get home
by Don B. (2017-06-22 19:03:42.0)
If you're looking for a great volunteer experience, look no further! The folks at SafeRide are very professional and there's a great feeling knowing that you played a part in getting people home safely. And if you need a SafeRide, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to Lisa. She'll send Brian, Chris, Malcolm or one of their other great employees out to get you AND you car home safely!
by Rene A. (2010-08-24 05:02:50.0)
I was one of those immpaired drivers, back in the 80's when I was a single, dating, women. Now that I am more mature & married. I feel as though many like myself, didn't know how to get home without driving my own vehicle. I like what you stand for and would like to help in daytime hrs.