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Mission Statement

To inspire people worldwide to stand up and become active in ending the injustice and hypocricy of the international failure known as the War on Drugs. We will work relentlessly to win the oppourtunity to enjoy the economic, industrial, medical, and spiritual uses of the hemp/cannabis plant; a plant that has never killed a single person in all of recorded history.


Seattle Events, a Non-Profit Corporation DBA Seattle Hempfest(R).
We work year 'round to realize our goal of presenting the most socially responsible, politically oriented and sophisticated hemp/cannabis policy reform event in the nation. Everyone associated with Seattle Hempfest works for no pay; our event staff of 900, speakers, musical acts, directors and coordinators all give time on a volunteer basis to continue to present the "safest and best organized event in the city of Seattle" [Port of Seattle Police Chief, Queen Anne News, 1999] Our Festival is free and provides education about industrial hemp, medical uses, voter registration, a forum for over 60 non-profit organizations, six stages of world class music, as well as hemp crafts, goods, and foods. Our organization also does community support by collecting food donations for the needy and doing neighborhood cleaning projects, and produces the Seattle Peaceheathen's Crisis Resource Guide. Our events are supported by the City of Seattle, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Fire Department, Port of Seattle, and Seattle Parks Department .


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by Becky H. (2015-07-26 13:01:54.0)
Hi! I've been working with Seattle Hempfest for 15 years. Which really surprises me, because I've never stuck with anything that long. This is a truly unique organization. If you volunteer with us, don't expect to find a group of people that all fit one mold; we are really one of the most diverse compilations of humanity around. Our common ground? Our belief that cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, ganja, whatever you want to call it, should be available for adults to use as they see fit, and for adults to be able to have it for their children if they see a medical necessity for it. Remember: There is NO LETHAL DOSE! We set the stage where people can discuss these issues. We have developed an international audience and we are showing the way to developing more events where the focus is on education and free speech involving the cannabis plant. WE HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE! Join us, and help us continue to change the world.
by sherry m. (2015-07-26 06:33:51.0)
Being a volunteer for this event, I liken it to building America. Everyone pitches in to get things done. Everyone helps, drama/egos/personal agendas are left at the door & we put on the most fantastic, world class Protestival you can imagine to educate folks on all aspects of hemp. Being a part of this from the inside is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever be a part of! Have you volunteered for Seattle's HEMPFESTĀ® yet? If not, you should!!!
by Juan V. (2015-07-25 20:44:27.0)
Seattle Hempfest is a first rate organization. An organization that treats its volunteers with kindness and respect. The volunteers are the backbone of Hempfest. I'm the Coordinator of Voter Registration. Hempfest's Voter Registration volunteers appear at many community events throughout the year registering new voters. If you want a thrilling, rewarding and exciting opportunity, come to Seattle Hempfest 2015, August 14 - 16, and volunteer.You will experience a feeling of enjoyment that you never had before.
by Katie M. from Seattle, WA (Administrator for this Organization) (2015-07-25 17:58:42.0)
Hempfest is an all-volunteer org working tirelessly for 24 years to end the drug war and they throw a massive, super-fun party in a gorgeous venue!
by Satan M. from Seattle, WA (2009-06-24 17:55:48.0)
They treat all volunteers equally; providing food, water, coffee and other necessities to their volunteers. Shifts are accommodating at the standard of 6 hours (shorter if needed) and jobs fit the persons skills or abilities.