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Mission Statement

Island Foundation is a membership based 501 3 C non-profit educational organization. Our purpose is to foster the development of a more sensible human culture.


Contemporary society faces difficult and vexing challenges including exploding population, deterioration of the environment, intense competition for resources, totalitarianism, violence and alienation. To answer these challenges, we seek to develop a way of living based these values: * Peace * individual freedom, equality and human rights * a focus on cooperation instead of competition * sustainability * community * reverence for life and diversity of expression * joyousness Our Work With an open philosophy guiding our work, Island Foundation uses scholarly research, education, and practical experiments to explore archaic and modern insights for their potential benefit to human society. We have a special focus on ways to integrate these principles into the patterns of daily life. We draw our inspiration and the name of our foundation from the work of Aldous Huxley, whose novel Island portrays a new culture based on the realization of what Huxley saw as our highest human potentialities. In carrying forward this vital vision, Island Foundation works toward cultural regeneration by deeply examining: * intentional communities * the integration of Western and Non-Western Cultures * new scientific paradigms * human potential, humanistic and transpersonal psychology * memetics * systems theory and chaos dynamics * other new ideas as we encounter them The work of the Island Foundation will be furthered by our web site, conferences, publications, and our Sanctuary Project, in which we examine the possibility of creating an experimental community based upon principles uncovered in our research. We also provide a forum for communication for like-minded organizations and individuals scattered throughout the world.



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