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Mission Statement

To help improve the in home care given by family members to elderly relatives, who reside in the same home, by providing FREE overnight care/sitting for the elderly. This includes care for Alzheimer family members living in the home of a relative/friend.


This is a brand new concept. I find myself in this situation, with my 90 year old mother who siffers from severe dementia. There will never be money involved in this endevour. This will be a "trade" situation. One family will take in the elderly person from another family and visa vesa. It will be an exchange of "time sitting" only. This is an idea desperately needed in family care not for pay or profit homes. Vacations are non existant in most of these homes. Sometimes because the family cannot afford to pay for someone to sit with their parent overnight or for a weekend or for a week at a time. Hourly volunteers are avbailable through churhes etc. But none for day/night(s). And many times the caregiver is ancious about leaving their parent with anyone else, and a trust needs to be developed here. Many times relatives will not become involved because they believe the elderly person should be institutionalized, and the caregiver does not, as in my situation. All I intend to do is find people interested in this exchange and give them a list of others who are also interested and they take it from there. I will assume no resposibility for what happens after a list is given to someone.

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