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Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide children, adults and families affected by sexual assault and to end sexual violence through counseling, education and advocacy.


The Sexual Assault Center (S.A.C.) opened its doors in 1978. Today, we are the only place in Middle Tennessee that is exclusively dedicated to providing counseling to child and adult sexual assault victims. In addition, we have programs that educate students on how to recognize and prevent sexual assault. Our counselors are specialists in the field and have worked with more than 20,000 survivors since we opened our doors. Approximately half of our clients are children. With treatment, clients can begin to heal - moving beyond trauma into living healthy, productive lives. We take a holistic approach and work with the entire family. Beyond individual treatment, we offer group therapy sessions for children, teens, men, women, and families of survivors.



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by Ginger H. (2010-03-20 06:33:40.0)
I brought my daughter, Julianne Marie, who was abused by her father, a minister and religious educator in Tn. Bonnie Beneke, helped us and supported us when the Dept of Human Services didn't. My daughter ended up with her father after he paid the 4th Circuit Ct, thousands of dollars. 4 1/2 yrs later, they recommended her be taken out of his home and placed in a religious, residential school in Tn, where 8 mos later, she had kidney failure, placed on dialysis, and died 6-8 wks later. I was in Tx with the son, teaching at the time. She's buried at Woodlawn. I have always wondered if that funeral home and park, is in fact, owned by the judge's family.. Ginger / Memphis, Tn..served with the Committee for Mother and Child Rights INC. speaking in Wash, DC,1997 and testifying before a senate committee in Austin, Tx.