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Mission Statement

To rescue and welcome abandoned and unwanted companion animals. To shelter, nurture, and support all loving animals until they find their forever home. To give care with compassion. To gently and lovingly end the suffering of an animal if it is too ill or injured to recover. To provide spay and neuter services to ensure that our animals cannot create other unwanted animals. To take our mission out into the community to teach people about humane treatment and kindness toward animals and the importance of spay/neutering. To be loving and supportive with the animals in our community and to each other.


At this very moment an abandoned dog is hungry and lonely, a homeless cat is sick and frightened. Thousands of stray animals roam our streets and communities. We try to do something about the animal problem in Eastern Maricopa & Pinal County. We have taken in and adopted out thousands of animals. We see to it that every animal gets food and medical care, love and attention. We are committed to giving these orphans a happy future, but it takes many people to do this. Our aggressive adoption policy makes every effort to find loving families for all our pets and all applications are carefully screened, but we are a NO-KILL shelter and there are so many animals and so few homes. We have some of the gentlest, sweetest animals in the world. They only need someone to love. Is there room in your home and heart for one of our orphans? We need people to work with the animals and to help in our fund-raising efforts. Come join us, the animals need you desperately.



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by Tracy N. (September 23, 2009)
I had the extreme misfortune of dealing with Sherri in Gilbert from this organization who comes across nice at first but then turned into an extremely rude and mean person when things fell through with the dog I was trying to adopt from her. She snatched the poor dog out of my arms (hurting him in the process) when I had to return him to her due to the fact that he was urinating all over my home. This woman should NOT be caring for animals in her home! She obviously only cares about the money and doesn't care about the animals she is trying to adopt out or she wouldn't have taken out her frustration on the poor dog. I would highly advise NOT to deal with this woman. She comes across nice at first but there is very mean person lying just below the surface. I saw it first hand. (This company deserves ZERO stars but one was the lowest I could give)