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Mission Statement

Goal: Empower the American Worker. The return of honesty at yourworkplace, and in your life, often begins with painful corrections to the past and present, and or the humiliating exposure of the actions of associates, friends, and sometimes family. This site can be the first step in beginning an honest lifestyle at your place of work, and in your life. In addition to increased honesty; non livable wages paid by local employers can be exposed here for all to see. Giving opportunity for workers and consumers to avoid these establishments, in ethical protest. For the users of our web site, the communication and actions that may take place as a result of writings posted, may spark the beginnings of a great place to work. Postings could also be harmful, lives could be destroyed, jobs lost, morale damaged and stress increased, contracts canceled, and etc.. Perhaps, if the situations were affected that dramatically, then those lives should have been different anyway, those jobs somewhere else, those contracts and that cash belonged somewhere else, rightfully?


A small team of voluteers associated with Radio Free Monterey, in Monterey, California, have formed a new non-profit organization, named TattleTail.Org, for it's principle component, it's web site. "Tattletail" is an outreach device for wage earning workers and workers of all classes unsatisfied with conditions. TattleTail focuses on the bottom rank employees, the labor behind the machine of business. Our foremost goal is building the Pay Exposure Area database. The PEA allows an anonymous, but firsthand, report of pay conditions and benefits, the owner's names and locations, and specific information about that businesses location and name. The PEA will eventually recieve most of it's data from automated script available at the site. Volunteers will collect a lot of the needed data by telephone and in person. Tattletail will soon include bulletin board disscusion groups which can be created, numbering in the thousands of individual rooms, for each business place, if necessary. Employees create the disscussion list on line themselves. Management is censored from posting here by manual deletion. Businesses listed on TattleTail.Org can have their names removed by: proving to the Director he or she has, for example, started to pay a Living Wage to workers, or began allowing earned vacation, or sick days and etc.. Whatever the complaint that first brought his or her business to TattleTail, must have been handled to be removed.



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