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9532 INDIGO BRUSH DRAUSTIN, TX 78726 United States

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Do better for humanity, by bringing together amazing humans and technology


We were all born as Humans. All, just the same. Slowly we get divided into sub-groups of religion, race, gender, color, country and whatever other label that can be applied to us. HumaneVibe is a

We're HumaneVibe - the vibe that unites us.

There is no better time than today to be human. You may belong to each and every subgroup of humanity and we celebrate that. But, you are FIRST a human. It is our humanity that unites us. Thats our vibe.

We're a very different community organization. Every human is welcome to be a member. Every member can propose causes that affect humanity. Across the membership we identify new challenges affecting humanity, brainstorm effective and preferably self-sustainable ways to take action that cane help the human cause. It is all volunteer run. From initiatives, brainstorming on ideas to fund the initiatives, coming up with creative solutions to solve the problems and to keep it all running in a self sustaining manner. We pick a few causes at a time, execute them completely and then move on to the next set of areas to address.

We strongly believe in the human collective. And together we humans can overcome every obstacle.

Our first initiative as an example is, for the organization to drive collaborative efforts to make roads safer for the broad public with the goal of reducing road accidents and fatalities. is a smart new initiative to help reduce road fatalities across the globe.

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