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Mission Statement

The Observatory of the Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Internet (OBDILCI) is a non-profit organization that researches the presence of languages and cultures online within the perspective to foster Internet diversity and multilingualism. Since 1998, OBDILCI have developed methodologies which have evolved to keep up with the changes of the Internet. OBDILCI's work is transparently published and peer-reviewed leading to the most reliable and in-depth indicators. Betond the production of indicators OBDILCI contributes with different projects towards promoting and enhancing online multilingualism and linguistic diversity


OBDILCI started in 1998 as a project from a pioneer NGO targeting the digital divide in developing countries, Netwwork & Development Foundation (https://funredes.org).When FUNREDES stopped activitie in 2017, OBDILCI was then transformed into another NGO with the capacity to create a new methology and develop a model to produce indicators for linguistic diversity in the Internet and share its results in open access, in different formats, including a data base access. OBDILCI updates yearly its results and complete with other projects, such as Digital Language Death the one which motivates this search of volunteers which is conducted in the form of a consortium with Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, the UNESCO Chair for linguistic policies for multilingualism and the Instituto Caro y Cuervo in Colombia.

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