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4730 university way NE Suite 104 #445Seattle, WA 98105 United States

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering a world where mental health is a priority for all through charitable action. Unlocking Mental Wellness One Scholarship at a Time, for a Brighter Mind and Happier Life.


At The Well Mind Project, we believe that mental health is at the heart of personal well-being. We are dedicated to creating a world where everyone has the tools and support they need to nurture their mental health and lead fulfilling lives. By partnering with established organizations and offering scholarships, we empower individuals to access a range of resources and services designed to foster well minds and resilient spirits.

Explore our programs that offer scholarships for wellness retreats, destination experiences, mental health coaching, and other transformative therapy, and adventure retreats. These initiatives provide individuals with the opportunity to embark on life-changing journeys that prioritize mental health and overall well-being. This provides the more tools for individuals to have positive mental health growth.


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