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Here at Lotsa Heart Animal Sanctuary, compassionate care for ALL animals is the cornerstone of our mission. Our rescue animals come in all shapes and sizes, from companion animals such as cats, to farm animals, including pot belly pigs, donkeys, and mules. We treat each animal that comes into our care with the patience, love, and respect that they deserve, so they can enjoy a lifetime of good health and know how much they are valued and loved. We aim to offer state-of-the-art care, promote regular preventative care for our animals, and an enjoyable, positive atmosphere for both pets and people. Most of the animals in our care came to us from overcrowded shelters, oftentimes from situations of abandonment, abuse, or neglect. Many have been mishandled in the past or not handled at all. We are committed to ensuring that every animal receives the utmost care, including veterinary care, proper shelter, appropriate diet, and an enriched environment.


Lotsa Heart Animal Sanctuary is the result of a life-long labor of love for all the animals that have touched the hearts and improved the lives of so many. From caring for personal pets, to having a career in animal care, to volunteering at wildlife and farm sanctuaries - our founder’s life has always been dedicated to helping all of nature’s furry, feathery, and scaly friends.

Prior to forming LHAS, we had already rescued about 20 animals over the years, but our influence was limited by the size of our property, our income, or local regulations and ordinances. So, we decided to take a leap of faith and uproot everything to find a perfect place to pursue our dream of rescuing more animals in need.

In 2022, with the support and encouragement from loved ones and people in our community, we formed this charitable, non-profit, 501c3 animal sanctuary in hopes of increasing the impact we can have.


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