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Mission Statement

Wanderen is a nonprofit organization centered around child and adolescent development. Our mission is to provide all youth with the educational, mental, and emotional guidance needed in order to reach full potential in development. Wanderen aims to work with local school districts, the community, and other established enrichment centers, to develop programs with the purpose of creating a platform with which youth may strengthen established skills while also creating new ones.


There is a fracture in the U.S educational system, and how we prepare youth for life as an adult. They are not being given the educational or social skills needed to properly enter adulthood. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly 70% of children ages 3-5 years are enrolled in pre-primary programs, and 83% of the population is graduating from high school, but still only 44% of the population can read on an intermediate level.
Wanderen aims to reach out to those in low income areas who may not have access to the same opportunities as others. We will do this by providing enrichment programs, and tutoring services.

Creating an interest in education begins during early childhood education, and Wanderen will help children in the early childhood stages develop a positive attitude towards learning; so that this positive attitude will continue to develop as they proceed through to high school graduation.

Wanderen also has the goal of lowering the amount of the population over the age of 25 dependant on minimum wage jobs. Of the percentage that do graduate from high school, 27% do not continue on to obtain their bachelor's. This limits their career options without a higher education degree. We will introduce that percentage of students who do not have an interest in continuing their education with the opportunity to explore other career paths before completing high school. While also pairing them with college undergraduates and career professionals in a mentorship program aimed at creating a role model bond.

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