Cause Area

  • Computers & Technology
  • Education & Literacy
  • LGBTQ+
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Women


202 PEACH LNFREEPORT, TX 77541 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

Making casual and professional gaming a fun space where people matter


What our Non-Profit is actively doing:

We provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals to game and socialize in. This has been of particular importance during the pandemic to provide for individuals’ needs to socialize and have fun while staying home. Even after the pandemic, for many the internet is the only outlet for individuals to meet this need and we aim to continue to provide this at zero cost to the user.

We teach inclusiveness and sportsmanship to people from a variety of ages and backgrounds through gaming events. Through education we are building more inclusiveness in video games and attacking the toxicity, discrimination, and sexism that exists in the gaming industry as a whole.

We provide a variety of ways for individuals to try new skills and gain experience in the gaming industry. Individuals can try out being a castor, run production, learn and take part in event planning, management, programming, marketing, or tournaments.

We produce an educational podcast that teaches inclusiveness, sportsmanship, the gaming industry, challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces, game development, mental health, content creation, Esports, opportunities in education and more.

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