Project PRC

Cause Area

  • Community
  • Environment
  • Homeless & Housing


1250 W Mockingbird Ln320Dallas, TX 75247 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

Project PRC is dedicated to transforming the lives of the homeless and underserved communities in Dallas by providing compassionate support, access to affordable housing, and essential resources. Our mission is to foster a community where everyone has a safe and stable place to call home, empowering them to regain independence and lead fulfilling lives.


Homelessness Prevention: To implement proactive measures and supportive programs that prevent homelessness and offer a pathway to sustainable housing solutions. Affordable Housing: To develop and manage affordable housing projects that cater to the needs of low-income individuals and families, creating a foundation for stability and growth. Wraparound Services: To offer comprehensive wraparound services, including healthcare, counseling, job training, and educational opportunities, to address the multifaceted needs of our community members. Advocacy and Awareness: To advocate for policies and initiatives that support the homeless and address the root causes of homelessness, while raising awareness about the challenges they face. Collaborative Partnerships: To build strong partnerships with local agencies, businesses, and volunteers, fostering a collaborative effort to combat homelessness and provide sustainable solutions. Empowerment and Dignity: To empower individuals experiencing homelessness to regain their self-sufficiency, dignity, and hope through our compassionate and supportive programs. Community Engagement: To actively engage with the community, fostering understanding and support for the homeless, and inspiring collective action towards ending homelessness. Transparency and Accountability: To maintain transparency and accountability in our operations, ensuring that donor funds are used responsibly to maximize impact.

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