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Notre École is a language-immersion, tuition free , teacher-powered charter public school with an emphasis on science and technology that will provide a unique opportunity for students. It is a highly effective model in preparing our students for their future. Our educational philosophy is to encourage and support student creativity and innovation by providing challenging student-centered and inquiry-based experiences that integrate skills from different subject areas while being immersed in the French language. The combination of skills gained in STEAM, French Immersion, and an environment of persistence and respect will prepare students for their roles in our global world where they will be better equipped in life and in their chosen interests.


Notre Ecole is a French Immersion STEAM K-5 public charter school. This means we are free and open to the public no matter where the student lives in MN. We opened its doors in 2020 with students in Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms and have been growing ever since. We started with 22 students and this year we are opening a 4th grade classroom with approximately 70 students. We will be a K-5 school in the 2024-2025 school year and our goal is to eventually grow to be a school of about 120 - 150 students.

Supported by a collaborative faculty of high-quality professional educators, students are immersed in a rigorous curriculum based on best practices from around the world specifically designed to prepare students for success in the emerging global community.

We are the only school in the Twin Cities area to offer an environment in French Immersion and STEAM with intentional daily play breaks and the use of the Japanese philosophy of O-soji to foster responsibility and respect.

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