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254 ANGELINA VALLEY DRAUSTIN, TX 78737 United States

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Mission Statement

Last 1 is a nonprofit organization committed to transforming the landscape of social impact initiatives. Our mission is to enhance the quality, scalability, and efficacy of social impact projects, thereby maximizing positive change in our communities.


Last 1 leverages state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning, to create a dynamic and responsive ecosystem. This ecosystem facilitates a more streamlined, efficient connection between project leaders, donors, and investors, ensuring that resources are channeled effectively toward the most promising and impactful solutions.

Beyond that, we provide a comprehensive platform for project creation, funding, delivery, validation, and support. We aim to act as a reliable facilitator, a bridge between ideas and their realization, offering fiscal sponsorship to projects, and validating the effectiveness of projects in real-time.

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