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Mission Statement

Epic-Cure Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization founded in 2018 in response to the staggering amount of food waste in our country. With 1 in 6 people in America facing hunger while 30 to 40% of the food supply ends up in landfills, we felt the call to action.


Since we opened the doors to our first warehouse a little over 4 years ago, we have

  • rescued and distributed over 16,895,000 pounds of food and
  • provided an average of 67 pounds of food over 220,000 times to families experiencing need or food insecurity.

Food rescue goes beyond providing good, healthy, and nutritious food to families. It is helping to move the needle on a serious environmental problem. Annually, food waste is the largest component in landfills and accounts for 6% of U.S. and 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. When food decomposes without the benefit of oxygen, it emits Methane gas which is 10x more harmful to earth’s atmosphere than are excess CO 2 emissions.

  • The 16,895,000 pounds of food our volunteers have helped divert from landfills has prevented 7,434 tons of Methane gas from harming our atmosphere.

If the Methane gas wasn’t bad enough, we use approximately 22% of our freshwater resources and about 16% of our farmland each year to produce food that will ultimately be wasted.

Because we are a 100% volunteer organization, Epic-Cure’s costs are low, and its production is efficient.

  • Epic-Cure has been able to return $35 in value to the communities we serve for every $1 we spend.

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